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Vintage LV6SSB ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Left Hand Sunset Sunburst

Vintage LV6SSB ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Left Hand Sunset Sunburst

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Experience the ultimate in vintage style and tone with the Vintage LV6SSB ReIssued Electric Guitar. Crafted with genuine tone woods and top-quality Wilkinson hardware, this guitar offers custom shop level features at a modest price. The Sunset Sunburst finish perfectly complements the American alder body, providing both resonance and comfort.

But the real magic lies in the Wilkinson WVC original specification vibrato, featuring authentic bent steel saddles for that classic sparkle and tone. Precision machined pivot points ensure total "return to pitch" accuracy, while a stagger-drilled sustain block prevents string hang-up. An adjustable "vintage bend" push-in arm completes this definitive vibrato system.

The Vintage V6 also boasts a matched and calibrated set of Wilkinson Alnico V single coil pickups, featuring true vintage-style chamfered edge polepieces. With one volume and two tone controls, the 5-way lever switch and control circuitry are configured for maximum tone, evenness of response, and output for supreme versatility.

Whether you're a left-handed player or just looking for a unique addition to your collection, the Vintage LV6SSB ReIssued Electric Guitar delivers unparalleled vintage style and tone. Experience the magic for yourself and elevate your playing to new heights.

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