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Vintage V62AB ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Ash Blonde

Vintage V62AB ReIssued Electric Guitar ~ Ash Blonde

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Looking for a guitar that can handle any musical style you throw its way? Look no further than the Vintage V62 ReIssued Electric Guitar in Ash Blonde. This guitar is a true workhorse, capable of delivering a wide range of tones thanks to its simple yet effective array of pickups and controls.

But what really sets the V62 apart from other guitars in its class is its future-proof design tweaks. The inclusion of the Wilkinson WTB bridge ensures that your leadwork and chord play will ring true all over the neck, while the 'soft C' profile of the neck allows for unparalleled playability up and down the fretboard. And with the addition of a Wilkinson WVTB bridge pickup, this guitar has even more bite for hotter single coil tones.

The V62 also boasts an Eastern poplar body for enhanced resonance and tone, as well as a traditional 10" radius Rosewood fingerboard for superior playability. And with 22 medium profile frets and a 43mm Graphite nut, this guitar is built for comfort and accuracy.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Vintage V62 ReIssued Electric Guitar is the perfect choice for any musician looking for a versatile, reliable instrument. So why wait? Add the V62 to your collection today and start exploring all the musical possibilities it has to offer!

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