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Vintage V65HBLD ReIssued Hard Tail Electric Guitar ~ Blonde

Vintage V65HBLD ReIssued Hard Tail Electric Guitar ~ Blonde

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Looking for an electric guitar that's perfect for the anti-traditionalist? Look no further than the Vintage V65HBLD ReIssued Hard Tail Electric Guitar in Blonde. This guitar is a stalwart of the independent rock scene, with its angular and chaotic design perfectly matching the sounds it's capable of producing.

With a pair of soapbar single coil pickups and a three-way selector switch, the V65HBLD can shift from jangly cleans to drop-tuned distorted riffs and everything in between. The Wilkinson six-saddle hardtail bridge provides superb tuning stability and adjustable intonation for each string, while the independent master volume and tone pots give you complete control over your sound.

The Vintage V65HBLD is built with a maple body and top, providing resonance, tone, and "correct weight" comfort. The offset heel design improves upper fret access and playability, while the one-piece mahogany neck with a classic Vintage "soft C" profile ensures instant comfort, speed, accuracy, and great feel. The lignum rosa fingerboard adds to the outstanding tonal transfer, responsiveness, and durability of this guitar, with a traditional 10" radius for superb playability and feel.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Vintage V65HBLD is the perfect guitar for those who want to make beautiful noise and fly in the face of convention. So why wait? Add this incredible guitar to your collection today and start making music that's truly your own.

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