Vintage V65VVW ReIssued Vibrato Electric Guitar ~ Vintage White

Vintage V65VVW ReIssued Vibrato Electric Guitar ~ Vintage White

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Introducing the Vintage V65 ReIssued Vibrato Electric Guitar in stunning Vintage White! This guitar is the embodiment of the independent rock scene, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their sound. With its angular and chaotic design, the V65VVW is the quintessential alternative guitar for the anti-traditionalist.

Equipped with a pair of Wilkinson Soapbar single coil pickups and a three-way selector switch, the V65VVW can effortlessly shift between jangly cleans and pedal-powered walls of sound. And with the inclusion of a traditional, long-arm vibrato system, you can create hypnotic pitch manipulation and mesmeric glides between chords.

Crafted with a maple body and top, the V65VVW provides resonance, tone, and 'correct weight' comfort. The Vintage offset vibrato adds pitch manipulation and superb tuning stability, while the one-piece mahogany neck with a classic Vintage 'soft C' profile ensures instant comfort, speed, accuracy, and great feel.

The Lignum Rosa™ fingerboard provides outstanding tonal transfer, responsiveness, and durability, making this guitar a keeper. With 22 medium jumbo profile frets and a traditional 10” radius, the V65VVW offers superb playability and feel.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Vintage V65VVW is the perfect instrument for those who fly in the face of convention and want to make beautiful noise. Play on and make a statement with the Vintage V65 ReIssued Vibrato Electric Guitar!

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