Vintage LV74MRJP ICON Fretless Bass ~ Sunset Sunburst Left Hand

Vintage LV74MRJP ICON Fretless Bass ~ Sunset Sunburst Left Hand

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Attention all left-handed bass players! The Vintage LV74MRJP ICON Fretless Bass in Sunset Sunburst is here to take your musical expression to the next level. With its unique timbre, this bass blurs the lines between rock and jazz, allowing you to glide in and out of notes with ease. The fretless neck allows for unparalleled note glides and vibrato, perfect for those who operate on the fringes of musical expression.

Crafted with an Easter Poplar body and a Hard Maple bolt-on neck, the LV74MRJP ICON offers improved resonance, tone, and comfort. The radiused contoured body ensures a comfortable playing experience, while the pearloid dot inlays and classic Vintage headstock design add a touch of visual appeal.

Equipped with two Wilkinson PB WJB00 (M), WJB800 (B) single coil pickups, this bass delivers ultimate clarity and articulation. The Wilkinson three-saddle compensated brass bridge provides improved intonation all over the fretboard, while the 43mm white graphite nut stays friction-free to aid tuning and playability.

The LV74MRJP ICON replicates the beautiful, worn-in look and feel of an instrument that has been through a lifetime of woodshedding, rehearsing, and performing. But who has the time for that? With the Vintage ICON Series Bass, your journey is just beginning.

Don't settle for a right-handed bass when you can have the LV74MRJP ICON Fretless Bass in Sunset Sunburst, crafted specifically for left-handed players. Get ready to slide whole chords up and down the neck, decorate your bass lines with false harmonics and fretless vibrato – this bass is ready to accompany you right to the very edge. Play on.

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