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Vintage V964BLK ReIssued 4-String Active Bass ~ Black

Vintage V964BLK ReIssued 4-String Active Bass ~ Black

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Looking for a bass guitar that delivers exceptional playability and a full dynamic tonal range? Look no further than the Vintage V96 ReIssued 4-String Active Bass in black. Crafted from lightweight and highly resonant eastern poplar, this beefy bass guitar is capable of producing big muscle-bound overtones, harmonic content with exceptional depth, warmth, and natural high-end clarity.

But the Vintage V96 isn't just a pretty face. Its sonic versatility is quite outstanding, thanks in part to the Wilkinson double coil WSM4 pickup installed in the bridge position. With immense grunt, monstrous mid-range punch, and top-end clarity, this powerhouse pickup effortlessly cuts through any band or recording mix. And with active circuitry featuring Volume, Bass, Middle, and Treble controls, you can dial in warm, rich tones or classic sounding rich lows and stabbing high frequencies.

With its hard rock, bolt-on maple neck and fingerboard, smooth open-geared Wilkinson WJBL200 machine heads, and Wilkinson 4 saddle adjustable bridge, the Vintage V96 is as functional as it is stunning. And with its choice of black, sunset sunburst, or natural finishes, it's sure to turn heads on stage or in the studio.

So whether you're into funk, rock, disco, or pop, the Vintage V96 ReIssued 4-String Active Bass in black is a winner. Don't settle for less - play on with the V96.

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