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Vintage VUK40N tenor ukulele

Vintage VUK40N tenor ukulele

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Vintage Tenor Ukulele ~ Natural

For well over 130 years, the cute little ukulele has ignored and survived all musical fashions and trends, and is more popular today than it's ever been.

The 'take it anywhere' size and portability concept and the fact that you can play just about any musical style from traditional Hawaiian music to classical, blues, country, jazz, bluegrass, funk, punk and rock along the way, has seen the ukulele outsell all other popular stringed instruments over the last few years.

The natural finished Vintage VUK40N Tenor Ukulele size is arguably the most popular among professional players, but like the Vintage soprano and tenor models, is still ideal for Beginners or indeed, for players of any skill or experience.

With an extended and wider, 19 fret mahogany fingerboard the VUK40N Tenor Ukulele is perfect not only for players with large hands, but is also suited for intricate fingerpicking and chord structures.

The larger sapele body also 'ups' the volume while chords and fretted notes have a fuller, warmer bass enhanced tone and barks with that unmistakable ukulele percussive chime.

While some would say the ukulele season is almost upon us, others would say they play their uke all year around, especially if it's a Vintage Uke. Play on.






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