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Way Huge Supa-Lead Overdrive MkIII WM31

Way Huge Supa-Lead Overdrive MkIII WM31

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Looking for a powerful overdrive pedal that can boost your tube amp's tone to new heights? Look no further than the Way Huge WM31 Supa-Lead Overdrive MkII. This pedal is designed to give you a tight, focused sound with plenty of volume boost, without going overboard on the distortion.

With its wide-ranging tone and gain controls, the Supa-Lead Overdrive MkII lets you dial in just the right amount of grit and sustain to suit your playing style. And thanks to its dynamic design, this pedal responds beautifully to changes in your guitar's volume and attack, allowing you to fine-tune your sound on the fly.

Whether you're looking to add some extra punch to your solos or just want to give your amp a little extra kick, the Way Huge Supa-Lead Overdrive MkII is the perfect choice. And with its compact Smalls-series enclosure, it's easy to fit this pedal onto your pedalboard alongside all your other favorite effects. So why wait? Order yours today and start exploring a whole new world of overdrive possibilities!

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