Collection: Byzantium Foundry Reserve

Making cymbals using traditional methods is an ancient art form. Every Byzance Foundry Reserve cymbal is indeed a hand-forged work of art and a completely individual professional instrument.

Every cymbal in the Meinl Byzance Foundry Reserve series is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Blacksmiths forge several different sonorous layers and nuances into each cymbal. Foundry Reserve cymbals have a spectacular appearance with deep forging marks and strong turnings. A musical, dark and versatile sound is combined with a clear and dry drum sound. The manufacture of Byzance Foundry Reserve cymbals is demanding and slow. Availability is therefore very limited.

There are only a few cymbal models in the Foundry Reserve series. In fact, they are so strongly individual that each cymbal is marked with the weight of that individual. Foundry Reserves are therefore sold by weight. The mass of the cymbal affects the tone in many ways.