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DiMarzio DP263F Dark Matter bridge

DiMarzio DP263F Dark Matter bridge

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Introducing the DiMarzio DP263F Dark Matter humbucker pickup - a special edition version of the Gravity Storm pickup. This pickup is a true work of art, featuring a laser-cut gear pattern on the protective cover that adds a touch of modern style to your guitar.

Crafted with a powerful ceramic magnet, the Dark Matter pickup has a unique sound that emphasizes warmth and depth in the mid and high frequencies. With a treble rating of 4.5 out of 10, a middle rating of 9 out of 10, and a bass rating of 7.5 out of 10, this pickup delivers an incredibly well-balanced tone that's perfect for any genre of music.

At 340mV of output power and a resistance of 15.19 Kohm, the Dark Matter pickup is a true powerhouse that will take your guitar playing to the next level. Plus, with its "plug and play" style, this pickup is incredibly easy to install and use.

Whether you're a professional musician or just starting out, the DiMarzio DP263F Dark Matter pickup is a must-have accessory for your guitar. So why wait? Upgrade your sound today and experience the power and depth of the Dark Matter pickup for yourself!

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