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DiMarzio DP425 Satch Track

DiMarzio DP425 Satch Track

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Looking for a versatile pickup that can keep up with your lightning-fast playing style? Look no further than the DiMarzio DP425 Satch Track.

Designed in collaboration with guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, this innovative pickup boasts the best of both worlds. It combines the quick response and sensitivity of a single-coil with the power and range of a humbucker, resulting in a sound that is both wide and strong.

Thanks to its unique design, the Satch Track is able to follow your every move, capturing even the slightest nuances of your playing. And with a whopping 245mV of power, it's sure to pack a punch.

So whether you're shredding through a high-energy solo or laying down some smooth, soulful chords, the DiMarzio DP425 Satch Track is the perfect pickup for the job. Try it out for yourself and experience the ultimate in versatility and tone.

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