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DiMarzio DP700 Blaze kaulamikki

DiMarzio DP700 Blaze kaulamikki

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Introducing the DiMarzio DP700 Blaze Neck Pickup, the original 7-string guitar pickup that changed the game. Designed to conquer the challenges of a 7-string guitar, the Blaze Neck Pickup eliminates the dark and muddy tones often associated with the neck position of a 7-string guitar. With its midrange cut and emphasized high and low frequencies, this pickup delivers a clear and open sound that works well across a variety of musical genres.

Originally featured on Steve Vai's iconic Passion And Warfare album, the DiMarzio Blaze series pickups have become a standard choice for guitarists seeking a versatile and reliable pickup. The DP700 Blaze Neck Pickup is no exception, delivering exceptional performance even at high gain levels without sacrificing clarity or definition.

Crafted with a ceramic magnet and chrome poles, this pickup boasts a resistance of 15.8 Kohm and a power output of 280mV. Available in sleek black, the DiMarzio DP700 Blaze Neck Pickup is a must-have for any serious 7-string guitarist. Join the revolution that started with Steve Vai and experience the power and versatility of the DiMarzio Blaze series pickups today.

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