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DiMarzio FRED F-spaced DP153FBK

DiMarzio FRED F-spaced DP153FBK

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Introducing the DiMarzio FRED humbucker pickup kit for your guitar! This F-spaced DP153FBK model is perfect for those who want to add some serious brightness and tightness to their sound. Designed with the intention of adding more midrange to the PAF Pro, the FRED ended up with even more unique features. Unlike other humbuckers, the FRED stays tight and bright even when you add distortion, and its upper frequencies have harmonics that you won't find in other pickups.

This versatile pickup has been made famous by Joe Satriani, who always uses the FRED as his bridge pickup. But don't be fooled - it sounds great in the neck position too, as long as you pair it with a bridge pickup that's not too weak. With its sleek black finish and chrome poles, the FRED looks as good as it sounds.

And if you're worried about compatibility, don't be! The F-spaced model is perfect for guitars with a string spacing of 51mm at the bridge, while the traditional-spaced model is ideal for those with a spacing of 48mm. For tremolo or Floyd Rose guitars with a nut width of 43mm or more, we recommend choosing F-spaced pickups for both the bridge and neck positions.

Join the ranks of guitar greats like Joe Satriani and take your sound to the next level with the DiMarzio FRED humbucker pickup kit. Order now and experience the tightness, brightness, and harmonics that only the FRED can provide.

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