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DiMarzio Gravity Storm kaulamikki F-spaced DP252FBK

DiMarzio Gravity Storm kaulamikki F-spaced DP252FBK

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Introducing the DiMarzio Gravity Storm neck humbucker, the perfect addition to your guitar for a warm and open sound. This F-spaced pickup is a rare combination of harmonious openness and warmth, making it a must-have for any guitar enthusiast.

Crafted to respond to the angle and force of your pick, the Gravity Storm produces a dark and unique sound reminiscent of a single-coil pickup. It's the ideal choice for a 24-fret guitar, where it won't be exactly on the strong harmonic point of the second octave.

With its sleek black finish and chrome poles, the Gravity Storm is a stunning addition to any guitar. The ceramic magnet and balanced treble, mid, and bass make for a powerful output of 290mV and a resistance of 12.56 Kohm.

Not sure which model to choose for your guitar? F-Spaced is the way to go for tremolo or Floyd Rose guitars with a nut width of 43mm or more. And if you're unsure of your guitar's nut width, always opt for F-Spaced to ensure the perfect fit.

Upgrade your guitar's sound with the DiMarzio Gravity Storm neck humbucker. Order now and experience the perfect blend of warmth and openness in your playing.

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