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Gravity MS T 01 B

Gravity MS T 01 B

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Tällä pöydän päälle asetettavalla mikkitelineellä saat esim. podcast käyttöön tulevan mikin juuri sopivalle korkeudelle. Lisää liikkumavaraa saat Gravityn eripituisilla joutsenkauloilla tuote: MA GOOSE.

This table top microphone stand consists of a heavy yet compact die-cast base and a steel tube. Thick rubber covering the whole circumference of the base isolates it from the table and helps to minimise unwanted noise.

Product type Stands and Tripods
Type Microphone Stands
Tubing material Steel
Tubing colour Black
Tubing surface Powder coated
Max. height 130 mm
Base material Cast iron
Base diameter 130 mm
Boom no
Weight 1,26 kg


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