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Kinsman KAC504 Brass slideputki (medium fit)

Kinsman KAC504 Brass slideputki (medium fit)

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Kinsman Brass slideputki (medium fit)

Whether you want to capture the original sound of the early bottleneck slide blues musicians in the Mississippi Delta from the 1920’s, or indeed, play modern blues, rock or country, Kinsman have guitar slides for all musical genres.

Crafted for comfort and playability the Kinsman Brass Slide is highly polished for a sleek action, whilst delivering that naturally loud, edgy response, with exceptional tone and endless sustain associated with high density brass sides.

The Kinsman Brass Slide is a perfect solution to entice your best slide performance from acoustic and electric guitars, delivering crystal clear soaring highs and focused mids, played clean or with overdrive.

With an inner radius of 21mm, and outer radius of 25mm and 60mm in length, the medium fit Kinsman Glass Guitar Slide, offers hours upon hours of comfortable acoustic, electric or slide guitar playing.

Kinsman slides are arguably the smallest, must-have accessory for all guitar players to take their music to the next level of expertise.


Sisäpuolen halkaisija: 21mm

Ulkopuolen halkaisija: 25mm

Pituus: 60mm

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