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Kustom KAA16PRO Sienna Pro Acoustic Amp 1 x 8" 16W

Kustom KAA16PRO Sienna Pro Acoustic Amp 1 x 8" 16W

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Kustom Sienna Pro Acoustic Amp 1 x 8" with Reverb ~ 16W

Kustom SIENNA PRO series acoustic instrument amplifiers can take your sound farther than ever before. With its attractive tan covering, leather handle and real wood control panel, the SIENNA PRO series combines good looks with great tone.

Kustom developed new speakers exclusively for the SIENNA PRO Series. These speakers have a flatter, Hi-Fi- Type response that perfectly suits the wide frequency and dynamic range generated by acoustic instruments. The result is a more natural, less "electrified" sound. To enhance high-frequency details, select SIENNA PRO models use a high-frequency driver as well. This, in tandem with the new speaker design, helps retain the unique harmonic content of each instrument and contributes a sparkling quality to the sound.

Get the natural, dynamic tone you've dreamed about with the Kustom SIENNA PRO™ SERIES.

"With its multitude of features, versatility and low cost, the Kustom acoustic guitar amps will make you and your wallet happy as clams" – Guitar World Magazine


RMS Output:  
16 Watts
Speakers:   Sienna Pro 8''
High Frequency Drive:   No
Instrument Input:   1
Effects:   Analog Reverb

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