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Laka Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Natural

Laka Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Natural

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Laka Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele & Carry Bag ~ Natural

With a Natural satin finish top, dark red body, neck and headstock, this cute ukulele is an addition to the Laka Rainbow Series Soprano Ukulele range which is available in seven individual colours of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. It’s also a fine example of why the ukulele is regarded as one of the happiest and easiest instruments to play.

Basswood is the ideal tonewood choice for the top, back, sides neck, fingerboard and bridge. Basswood itself is lightweight with a vibrant, sensitive string response, effortlessly producing that classic nimble ukulele mid-range sound. An ABS nut and open-geared machine heads with white buttons, add to the superb playability and tuning stability of the Rainbow Series.

From sitting around the camp fire, to the biggest stages, the Laka Rainbow Soprano Series of ukuleles are a firm favourite with players of all levels, literally all around the world, and especially popular with those with small hands.

Research shows that children (and grownups) relate to the ukulele better than any other instrument, what better introduction is there than the Laka Rainbow Series Sopranos for young players eager to explore the wonderful experience of the uke?

How can a uke with a body this size play and sound so good?
Because it’s made the way only Laka know how. 

The Laka Rainbow Soprano Series ukulele includes a Laka carry bag and coloured box presentation.


• Top: Basswood

• Back: Basswood

• Sides: Basswood

• Binding: None

• Soundhole: Round

• Bridge: Basswood

• Machineheads: Open geared

• Neck: Basswood

• Neck Inlays: Dot

• Fingerboard: Basswood

• Frets: 12

• Nut: ABS

• Headstock: Basswood

• Laka Carry Bag Included
• Colour Box

Soprano Ukulele Tuning: G, C, E, A

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