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Laka Mahogany Deluxe Series Ukulele & Bag ~ Soprano

Laka Mahogany Deluxe Series Ukulele & Bag ~ Soprano

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Laka Mahogany Deluxe Series Ukulele & Bag ~ Soprano

Mention ukulele and most people envisage the classic and iconic soprano, the smallest in the adorable series of ukuleles. The Laka range of soprano ukuleles are popular with players of all levels, literally all around the world, especially with players with small hands and children eager to explore the ‘wonderful world of the uke’.  

The Laka VUS40S Soprano Ukulele features a mahogany top, back and sides, with impressive looks and features that include closed back, brown pearloid button machine heads ensuring stable tuning, black walnut fingerboard and bridge, decorative rosette, body bindings and attractive laser etched Laka headstock logo.  

With impressive sustain and deep, warm tone, the output is as versatile as it looks, an excellent choice for ukulele players of all levels of expertise. 


• Top: Mahogany

• Back & Side: Mahogany

• Neck: Okoume

• Tuners: Closed Silver Plated, Brown Button
• Fingerboard & Bridge: Black Walnut

• Strings: Aquila

• Laka Carry Bag included

Soprano Ukulele Tuning: G, C, E, A

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