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Meinl Cajon rumpusarja täydennyssetti

Meinl Cajon rumpusarja täydennyssetti

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Looking to take your cajon drumming to the next level? Look no further than the Meinl Cajon Rumpusarja Täydennyssetti! With this comprehensive set, you can transform any cajon drum into a fully-fledged drum kit, perfect for acoustic gigs, jam sessions, or even street performances.

This versatile set includes everything you need to turn your cajon into a powerhouse percussion instrument, including a direct-drive cajon pedal, a snare drum with a silicone cover, a multi-clamp holder for the snare, a low-profile hi-hat stand, bamboo cajon rods, and even a Luis Conte Live shaker. And with a convenient carrying case included, you can take your cajon drumming on the go with ease.

Don't settle for a basic cajon drum - upgrade to the Meinl Cajon Rumpusarja Täydennyssetti and take your percussion skills to the next level!

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