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Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dual Trash Crash

Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dual Trash Crash

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Introducing the Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dual Trash Crash - the ultimate trash crash for the discerning musician. Crafted with precision and care, this trash crash delivers a dirty, simmering sound that grows darker as it progresses. The Classics Dual series' unique double finishing truly shines in larger crash, china, and trash crash cymbals. As the size increases, the beautifully darkening sound becomes more pronounced, making it perfect for those long, sustained notes that won't tire your audience out.

Meinl has intentionally designed the Classics Custom Dual series to be shorter in duration, yet rich in tone. The double finishing separates the sound's attack, and the entire process is carefully controlled with machine grinding and forging. Made from a B12 bronze alloy, these trash crash cymbals produce a warm, full-bodied sound that can be used to warm up your entire cymbal set. Of course, they also pair beautifully with each other.

The Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dual Trash Crash features a dark center that gives it a bold and punchy character. The brilliant finishing on the edges balances the sound with a bright, shimmering quality. These Custom Dual cymbals are perfect for mixing and matching with more expensive Pure Alloy and Byzance cymbals.

Experience the Meinl Classics Custom 18" Dual Trash Crash for yourself and elevate your music to the next level. With a product code of CC18DUTRC and a two-year factory warranty, this is a must-have addition to any drummer's cymbal collection. Order now and discover the power of Meinl.

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