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Meinl Classics Custom 22" Dual Ride

Meinl Classics Custom 22" Dual Ride

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Introducing the Meinl Classics Custom 22" Dual Ride - the perfect addition to your cymbal set! This ride cymbal boasts a stunning dual finish that not only looks amazing but also produces a rich, resonant sound. With its large size, this ride cymbal has a commanding presence without overpowering the rest of your kit. The balanced sound of the bell and body make for a smooth and even volume, making it a pleasure to play.

Meinl has designed the Classics Custom Dual series to have a shorter sustain, which means you won't have to worry about ear fatigue during long sessions. The double finish sets this ride cymbal apart from the rest, with a precise machine-honed and hand-hammered process that ensures a consistent sound. The B12 bronze alloy used in the construction of this ride cymbal gives it a warm and full-bodied tone that can be used to enhance the overall sound of your cymbal set.

The Meinl Classics Custom 22" Dual Ride is a versatile addition to any drummer's kit. Its dark center gives it a bold and powerful character, while the brilliant finish on the edges adds a touch of brightness to the sound. Mix and match this ride cymbal with other Meinl cymbals, such as the Pure Alloy and Byzance series, to create a unique and dynamic sound.

Order the Meinl Classics Custom 22" Dual Ride today and experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Meinl is known for. Plus, with a two-year factory warranty, you can be confident in your purchase. Don't miss out on this amazing ride cymbal - add it to your cart now!

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