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Meinl HCS 18" Big Bell Ride

Meinl HCS 18" Big Bell Ride

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Looking for a ride cymbal that can handle heavy metal and rock music without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Meinl HCS 18" Big Bell Ride!

This ride cymbal is the perfect choice for beginner drummers who want to start off with a quality cymbal that won't require expert technique to produce great sound. The HCS series is known for its affordability and durability, and the Big Bell Ride is no exception.

With its loud, heavy bell and quieter, more subdued body, the Meinl HCS 18" Big Bell Ride is the ideal choice for drummers who want a cymbal that can cut through the mix without overpowering the rest of the band. And with its two-year factory warranty, you can be sure that this ride cymbal will last you for years to come.

So why wait? Add the Meinl HCS 18" Big Bell Ride to your drum kit today and start rocking out like a pro!

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