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MXR ISO Brick M238 Power Supply

MXR ISO Brick M238 Power Supply

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Introducing the MXR ISO Brick M238 Power Supply - the ultimate solution for powering up your entire pedalboard without any noise or fuss. With its compact and lightweight design, this power supply is perfect for gigging musicians who demand the best in reliability and performance.

The MXR ISO Brick Power Supply features fully isolated power outlets, ensuring that each pedal receives clean and consistent power. Say goodbye to ground loops and hums that can ruin your sound. Whether you're using analog or digital pedals, positive or negative ground, the ISO Brick can handle it all with ease.

With multiple amperage options available, you can power even the most demanding pedals from a single source. The 2 x 9V, 100mA outlets are perfect for standard pedals, while the 2 x 9V, 300mA and 2 x 9V, 450mA outlets are ideal for digital and high-current pedals. The 2 x 18V, 250mA outlets are perfect for powering your favorite overdrive or distortion pedals, while the 2 x 6V-15V, 250mA outlets allow you to simulate the sound of worn-out batteries for that classic vintage tone.

The MXR ISO Brick Power Supply is built to last, with a rugged metal casing that can withstand the rigors of the road. Each power outlet features its own LED indicator, so you can instantly see if there's a problem with your pedalboard. The ISO Brick also features its own status LED, so you know when it's working properly.

Don't let a noisy and unreliable power supply ruin your performance. Upgrade to the MXR ISO Brick M238 Power Supply today and experience the difference for yourself. With its unmatched performance and reliability, it's the only power supply you'll ever need for your pedalboard. Order now and take your sound to the next level!

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