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Looking for a delay pedal that can offer you the ultimate ambience for your music? Look no further than the NUX Time Core Deluxe.

This pedal is packed with features that you won't find in most other delay pedals. With multiple different types of delay, including Tape Mode for vintage sounds and Ping Pong Mode for a stereo effect, the Time Core Deluxe gives you unparalleled versatility. And if you want to warm up your sound, the Analog mode is built with a bucket-brigade device that will make your sound more impressive than ever.

But the Time Core Deluxe isn't just about delay. It also has a Hold mode that acts as a looper pedal, letting you create complex soundscapes on the fly. And with the T-Lock switch, you can save your presets and protect your sound from accidents on stage.

Whether you're a classic or modern musician, the NUX Time Core Deluxe has something for everyone. So why wait? Add this incredible pedal to your rig today and take your music to the next level!

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