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On-Stage SMS7630B Hex-Base mikrofoniteline puomilla

On-Stage SMS7630B Hex-Base mikrofoniteline puomilla

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On-Stage Hex-Base mikrofoniteline puomilla

Jykevä mikkiteline 7kg painoisella pohjalevyllä joka vapauttaa jalkatilaa periteiseen kolmijalkaiseen telineeseen nähden. 

  M20-kierre varressa ja pohjalevyssä

•  Korkeudensäätö: 107cm-183cm

  Puomin säätö: 83cm-119cm

  Pohjan leveys: 38cm

This heavy-duty studio stand features a telescoping boom and is steady enough to securely hold a large condenser mic with a cage. A heavy-duty mid-point clutch is designed to act as a brake on the upper shaft, so even when loosened, it prevents the shaft from dropping down too quickly while adjusting height. The 16 lb. base brings superior stability to this stand while the unique hex shape means more room for feet placement.

• 16 lb. Base with rubber feet

• 2-section vertical shaft

• Diecast zinc clutch with 3" grip

• M20 base and shaft interchangeable with other M20 products

•  Height Adjustment: 42"-72"

•  Boom Adjustment: 32.5"-47"

•  Base Spread: 15"

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