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Stagg Virtalähde PSU-9V1A7R-EU

Stagg Virtalähde PSU-9V1A7R-EU

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Introducing the Stagg Virtalähde PSU-9V1A7R-EU - the ultimate solution for powering up your guitar pedals! With its compact and ultra-lightweight design, this power supply is perfect for gigging musicians who need a reliable and efficient power source.

Thanks to its linear technology, the PSU-9V1A7R-EU can automatically adapt to any input voltage between 100 V and 240 V AC (+/- 10 %), making it suitable for use in any country. And with a stabilized output voltage of 9 V and an output current of 1 A, this power supply can power up even the most power-hungry pedals with ease.

One of the most impressive features of the PSU-9V1A7R-EU is its ability to power up to eight pedals at once, when used with the SPS-DC5 multi-cable (sold separately). And with a reinforced connector cable that stretches up to 1.5 meters (59 inches), you'll have plenty of room to set up your pedals exactly how you like them.

But that's not all - the PSU-9V1A7R-EU also features C-MOS technology, a noise eliminator circuit, and overload protection, ensuring that your pedals sound their best and stay protected from electrical surges.

So if you want a reliable and efficient power source for your guitar pedals, look no further than the Stagg Virtalähde PSU-9V1A7R-EU. Order yours today and take your pedalboard to the next level!

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